China's first gyroplane pilot license training

On May 27, 2014, the opening ceremony of the first pilot license training for gyroplane in China took place in Park Xueye, Laiwu Aviation. It is expected that each year 6 to 10 flight instructors and 50 to 60 pilots are trained.

This training is given and organized by the Shandong Qi Xiang General Aviation Ltd..
This is the first and currently the only training center for autogyros. These initial training courses offers the opportunity in China to acquire a gyroplane license. Flight enthusiasts can log in the future here, to participate in the flight training for Gyroplanes and purchase a Light Sport Aircraft pilots license. Here many people will have fun and realize their dreams of flying.

The training machine is a MTOsport produced by the AutoGyro company in Germany and is exclusivly sold and distributed by Sino-German Light Aircraft Co., Ltd.. The machine is suitable for a variety of flight conditions, like in bad weather with gusty winds, so flight security can still be guaranteed and enable pilots to experience the joy of flying.

DSC 9330  Group photo          QQ20140528141401 The opening ceremony


DSC 9298

   Mr. Jing Xiangguo from the Aviation Center of Standard Airworthiness Management-Department for General Administration of State Sports.     

DSC 9305 

 A present given from the trainees to the trainer.    

Training Maschine MTO Sport

Training machine MTOSport(猛士豹)