Comco Ikarus C52Comco Ikarus C52

C52 - the new, the meanwhile more than 1200 units delivered worldwide C-series - the bestselling ultralight aircraft in Germany

The C52 is the result of IKARUS continuous development in light aircraft. The sum of our engineering experience and customer representations is issued in the development of the new C52. A light sport aircraft that uniquely combines priceperformance ratio, aerodynamics, handling and comfort!

Maximum fun of flying at a reasonable ratio between price and performance.

An innovative, modern two-seater micro-light aircraft sets the standards. The classic advantages of the ultralight and the standard aircraft categories are combined to produce a fascinating, technically matured machine. 
The IKARUS C-serie is very popular due to its excellent flight characteristics.

Serial success

  • The time tested construction technique of composite components as aluminum, stainless steel and non structural glass-fibre, Aramid or carbon-fibre elements allows low weights at high stability. A high proportion of fibre elements is used to achieve aerodynamic optimization without sacrificing the benefits of maintenance and repair convenience.
  • Optimized engine performance and low fuel consumption through direct air-feed by means of NACA inlet with charge effect for a better engine filling.
  • Steplessly variable carburettor air intake pre-heating system prevents carburettor icing and ensures a high level of aviation safety.
  • Coupled oil/water cooling circuits guarantee ideal coordination of oil / water and cylinder head temperature.
  • Feel-good cabin climate through standard heating and ventilation allows a pleasant travel.
  • The aluminum cantilever main undercarriage ensures low aerodynamic drag at high cruising speed and high suspension comfort.
  • Very effective flaps combined with two available high-quality and robust braking systems allow use on extremely short airfields.
  • Low-resistance profile wing with end to end glass-fibre surface with high quality surface finish and superior profile loyalty.
  • The wing in combination with the new standard winglets allow high cruise speed with excellent flight characteristics.
  • The tail section was constructed by use of time tested primary aluminum elements and a high percentage of fiber composite material. In addition the construction as pendulum rudder reduces the drag balance significantly in different operation modes. The result is a tail section with well coordinated steering forces and control features which harmoniously blends into the overall appearance.
  • The safe handling as well as simple, low-cost maintenance, robust and made to last construction has made the C series a bestseller over the years. Very comfortable light sport aircraft with spacious seating, wide cabin, low noise levels requiring low control input leaving maximum time to concentrate on the navigation and enjoy the scenery.
  • What defines the C series is solid, dependable quality. The quality of construction stands out and the flying qualities are very straightforward. The C series withstands general handling better than most and repairs are simple and inexpensive.
  • Technical data C52   100HP

 Cruising speed (IAS)  200 km/h  Empty weight incl. recovery system"  287,0 kg
 Max. airspeed Vmax (IAS)  216 km/h  MTOW Germany*  472,5 kg
 Stallspeed  65 km/h  Playload*  185,5 kg
 Rate of climb (472,5 kg)  6 m/s  Fuel tank volume  65 Liter
 Wing span  8,71 m  Average consumptionof fuel L/hr  10-14
 Length  6,42 m  Range 65 Liters tank  ca. 850 km
 Height  2,30 m  Length of takeoff run (Gras)  75-85 m
 Wing area  11,9 m²  Glide ratio  12,3

* MTOW and payload may be different according to national law