Safe in Every Respect

Remos GXThe flight attitude of the REMOS GX is stable above-average, it reacts to stronger turbulences with a gentle rolling motion around the longitudinal axis, even abrupt application of rudder in a stall phase does not cause tipping. REMOS pilots are particularly safe on their way. The carbon fiber Kevlar-cockpit is not only characterised by its excellent crash rigidity, but also by its unusual wide field of vision. That simplifies safe sight navigation. At the same time you have a free view over the whole landscape. The reliability and the durability of the REMOS GX are already legendary. All delivered aircrafts fly without any structural incidents so far.

Remos CockpitUp and away – with Aerodynamic and Power
The REMOS GX is a power pack: The REMOS GX accelerates rapidly and takes off in less than 300 foot – "Jet-Feeling" guaranteed. The climb performance is well above what can be expected in the class of light sport aircraft. Having transitioned into level flight the GX accelerates powerfully well beyond 125mph. Also with maximum speed the machine can be orderly trimmed for flight and flown and enjoyed "hands off".  
The REMOS GX tows aircraft and banners effortlessly. It thereby generates the same power like considerable more powerful towing machines – at lower costs! Competition-glider and double-seater with up to 1580 lbs can be taken into tow. All REMOS aircraft are certified for glider towing according to ASTM F2245.

Technical Data

 Rotax 912ULS (LTF-UL/LSA)  73 kW / 100 hp
 VNE  249 km/h
 Vcruise  180 km/h
 VB  123 mph
 Vso  63 km/h
 Vs  81 km/h
 Wingspan 9,32 m
 Length 6,48 m
 Cockpit width 1,19 m
 MTOW (LSA) 600 kg
 Empty weight 310 kg
 Tank capacity 84 lt
 rate of climb 5 m/s
 speed for best rate of climb 120 km/h
 Glider Towing  
 max. weight  650 kg